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Archive: June, 2011

Johan + Novi

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

We went to Singapore for a pre-wedding session two weeks ago. Met with this lovely couple Johan + Novi. Johan was born and raised in Bandung, Indonesia. He moved to Singapore on 2001 to continue his education and decided to work in Singapore instead of moving back to Indonesia.

Novi on the other hand was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She moved to Singapore on 2007 and joined the company that Johan was working at back then.

It all started with a smile, a simple hello and instant messaging ID exchange and the rest is history.

Johan proposed exactly 1000 days after the 25th March 2008 [the 1st day that they officially declaring themselves as a couple]. He asked her out for dinner that day, but she stood him up for 2 hours because she had to stay back at her office that day. Being Johan – who is a very patient guy, he waited for 2 hours at her favourite place [thank God for iPhone and wi-fi] – the Esplanade’s Rooftop..

To Johan + Novi.. thank you again for your hospitality while we were in Singapore.. May you enjoy your photos as much as we enjoy taking them..


Seandy + Ingrid

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Last week, we went to the Opera House for Seandy + Ingrid ‘s wedding and guess what.. for the first time ever – the Opera House security guard went to us and said

Security: Sir, can I please see your license and permit?

Myka: Er ~ Which license and permit are you talking about?

Security: Your license and permit to take these shots today?

Myka: Er ~ We didn’t realize we need license and permit to take photos at the Opera House..

Security: You do Sir.. especially for Commercial shots..

Myka: Ouw.. we’re not doing any commercial shots.. we’re just taking some photos of our friends who are getting married today

Security: Ok.. Sorry Sir.. I thought she’s a model.. Carry on then..

Yes, Ingrid is a very beautiful lady and what makes it even special is the fact that – I don’t think she realise how beautiful she is.. She’s very humble, quirky, funny and crazy (“in a nice way”). No wonder Seandy is falling head over heels in love with her..

This is how the story goes (written by Ingrid herself).. They met in 2002 in Singapore during their secondary/middle school period. Seandy was 15 and Ingrid was 14.  They were so young and clueless! After a year of texting and secret dates they finally declared themselves as an item. The 4th of May 2003 was their special day, they still remembered that day like it was yesterday.  Let me set the scene, Seandy called her on the 3rd at midnight, they talked for hours and then Seandy asked her to be his girlfriend – and it was of like popping the question. From that moment on, they knew that they were meant for each other. They went through a lot of thick and thin and they were always there for each other. Even when they were in a long distance relationship for two years, Seandy went off to Sydney to continue his study and Ingrid was still in Singapore finishing her secondary school, they always found ways to keep their relationship strong. They talked every night on the phone, texted every hour, sometimes even wrote and sent ‘old fashion letters’ to each other. In 2006, Ingrid finally completed her secondary school and moved to Sydney. Being here with Seandy in Sydney has not always been a smooth ride. Living by themselves without any other relatives to rely on, and slowly detaching themselves from being dependent on their parents was when they started to learn the true meaning of being independent and living the ‘hard’ life. In 2010  they bought their house and started their own little family, with our 2 great kids (dogs). They feel that they are in a steady place in their relationship and they are ready to get married. They feel that eight years is long enough to figure someone out, to know whether he/she is the one with whom you want to spend your life. They think they are just perfect for each other. They practically grew up together and they know each other really well. They have already  been through sickness and happiness together, the times when they have been poor, eating instant noodle or spilling their champagne, they have been through them all.

This wedding really is the icing on their cake, a cherry on top, a stamp on the mail, the perfect last touch in their relationship. A statement to the world that they are in love and a couple, that they are meant for each other and are ready to say that they are husband and wife.



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